Sunday, July 10, 2016


   Sugar Apple, Sweetsop, [Annona Squamosa] originally from Jamaica, can be found in most of the Caribbean Islands.  Unlike most fruit trees, the Sugar Apple will start to flower and bear fruit two years from seed. 
   Eating them is kind of like eating fondue, a lot of work for a little bit of great flavor. The way it works, is that most of the fruit is wrapped around each seed and there are a lot of seeds. The inside of the Sugar Apple's skin can be scraped with your feet or a spoon, its taste is like eating brown sugar. 
   Sugar Apples are not a good produce for the Super Market, as it doesn't reach its full flavor until it begins to fall apart. A specialty shop may be able to market it if the grower is near by, because it ripens is only a few days. 

Sugar Apple Flowers

Green Sugar Apples

Red Sugar Apple

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