Friday, September 19, 2014

Carambola (Star Fruit)

  The best way to eat carambolas (star fruit) is right off the tree, not from the super market. The super market offers carambolas that are at least a week or two old. Note that the ridges which should be green are dark brown. Most of the nutrition is lost within a few days.
Carambola (Star Fruit) ready to pick and eat.
Carambola almost ready to pick.
   First wash your super market carambola off so that there are no pesticides left on them, then cut the front tip and back end off. The next step is to shave the green (or brown) ridges off as the contain a chemical that prevents your body from retaining calcium. One of the many things super markets forget to tell you. Finally lay them on their side and slice them so that they look like tiny stars, hence their name.