Sunday, October 25, 2015



Plant them in a sunny place and water them twice a week. It takes about 18 month for it to produce a flower and grow fruit. Fertilize you plant at least twice a year , some people fertilize more often.  I don't, but I still get more bananas then I can eat every year. Allowing only three plants to grow from the corm at a time will produce bananas every year. when they begin to turn yellow, you can cut them off and place them in indirect light. You can either cut the stalk to the ground and dispose of it, or you can leave it, and it will continue to fertilize the new pups.

Within a week or two the will begin to ripen. Sadly they will all ripen at the same time. so, enjoy them. Regarding the flower, it is edible  but it a lot of work preparing it.

For your information there are over one hundred  different varieties of bananas, ranging  from dwarf to eighteen or twenty feet tall. Bananas themselves range from four inches to six inches long. all tasting a little different. 

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