Monday, January 23, 2012

History of Pineapples

      Pineapple, also known as Ananas, Nanas and Pina. The pineapples originally from South America, Brazil and Paraguay, where they still grow in the wild. Pineapples are the only edible plants in the Bromeliad family.
     Pineapples can take short hits of below freezing temperatures. They are drought tolerant and usually do fine on the rainfall in a tropical or sub-tropical region. Your pineapple plant should be kept slightly acid (4.5 to 6.5). Using pine bark mulch can do this.  

     They say that pineapples grow in southern Florida. I have been growing them successfully for many years in central Florida. Don't let others tell you that you can't grow a particular plant in your area, a lot depends on you, conditions where you intend to grow your plant and how much effort you are willing to invest. It is true that it is easier to grow it under ideal conditions, but if you take into consideration how your location defers from ideal conditions and adjust for them you can grow almost any plant you desire. Regarding tropical fruit, if your location is just slightly cooler then, watch the winter temperatures and cover up you plant when it is expected to fall below its safe zone. If your location is too extreme for your plant, then you will have to either bring it inside when the temperature falls or build a greenhouse to accommodate it.             
                The Spanish helped to spread it around the world in the 16th Century; most pineapples come from Hawaii Guam and the Philippines. The best qualities come from Hawaii.



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